WORD STREAM- My Dear Enemy


I know you, I recognize you,

You are one, in the long row,

I smile and welcome you,

You are my enemy, you are the foe.


Hatred is in the core of heart,

Chilled in the inner cage,

But modern trend teaches me,

-Paste the smile, on the face.


Weapons change with the age,

Now bloodshed is not seen,

When opponent opposes you,

Pretend all red signal; green.


All seem friendly, all well wishers,

Like next to kin, in the town,

All give firm support to leg,

And wonder! I fall down.


A friend may neglect me,

But enemy will never depart,

I may live in friend’s mind,

But I reside in enemy’s heart.


Now life is to act, not to live,

Society is one stage, as a whole,

At the cost of profitable deal,

Enemy and friend, change the role.


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    March 30, 2017