Animal Kingdom (13) The Snake's Interview


                      Animal kingdom (13) The Snake's Interview


Media person was quite alert,

The snake was sitting apart,

He was taking the interview,

Snake was opening his heart.


"---if people see me by chance,

They run away,or forget to walk,

They fear from me,they hate me,

My presence is like electric-shock.


Blind-faith and mystery is my fate,

'Snake and Ladder' game is my life,

Killing snake is curse-people say-

'Revenge is taken by his wife'.


My destiny differ on this earth,

At one place,people worship in haste,

At another,they cut, boil and eat,

A contrast-milk offer,or diet of taste.


My only crime is the fatal poison,

Beware of snake-caution is shown,

Snake is danger-signal for all,

Men prefer earth-worm-without bone


How many snakes have poison?

Without touch, snake-bite,how he can?

How many die of snake-bite?

Compare it with-man killing man.


Men torture and extract my poison,

Medicines are made to save life,

Human poison has only one use-

Making bomb,bullet,sword ,and knife.


Media person stopped the snake,

"Only last question-your personal life.

About your family, about snake-couple,

How you live-your love-life?"


Snake nodded and said with anger,

"No personal question please,

Do not peep into personal affair,

Respect privacy,please don't tease."


But repeated questions annoyed him,

"So you want to know-how we kiss?"

He lifted his head,the man jumped,

There was in air-a sharp 'Hisssss--'


The man ran away,the camera rolled,

Lap-top turned and laid, upside-down,

His orphan hat floated in the mud ,

Man halted,only after entering the town.


Snake said,"These two footed creatures,

Have the habit of peeping inside,

Nudity on our body-in their minds,

They want to expose,all what we hide."



                                                   (c) keshavdubey


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  1. oved1944

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    February 14, 2017
    1. keshavdubey

      Of course. yes.

      February 15, 2017