That was an old, abandoned palace,

Inside the hall,on the dirty wall-

Was fixed a dead lion's head,

Whole scene created,a royal call.


The ex-ruler had left that palace,

To let the old palace,decay and fall,

Spider,lizard, and termite all came,

And occupied that ruins-huge and tall..


One dark night,a rat entered the hall,

And looked at the lion's head erect,

"O,king of forest,may I dare to salute,

I am too humble, small creature-in fact."


Lion's head appeared to roar with anger,

As if he would shake the hall,"You silly rat,

How you dare to enter,where king lives,

You will die of terror and fear-I can bet."



"You rotten rat,how you dare to come?

This is king's palace,I am still  the king,

One,who killed me was brave monarch,

My empire was forest, his was human-wing".


The little rat smiled and said in polite tone-

"My Lord;kings,rulers, are not omnipotent,

They become diet of termite, in history-books,

They came,they ruled,they lived, and they went.


It is-'Time',the eternal, and most powerful,

The wheel of Time always moves ahead,

No power can stop it,cannot turn it back,

It is the pendulum,hanging on our head.


Sir, I am 'present',you are the past,

Learn this lesson- with trouble or ease,

O Lion-King-with your kind permission,

May I bite both of your ears, please!"





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Comments (2)

  1. thather1930

    Animal kingdom is a great movie that I have watched a number of times. I have also been written some best essays regarding the story and the characters of that movie.

    February 15, 2017
    1. keshavdubey

      and now collection of poems—-‘’animal kingdom’"

      February 15, 2017